Things to do While Social Distancing

Due to the heightened severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, The World Health Organization and government leaders have insisted that people stay at home and avoid non-essential contact with others. That leaves us with the burning question of what to do while practicing social distancing. 

Here’s our list of things to do inside:

  1. Learn a New Skill:
    1. Whether it be a new language or business strategy, there are a variety of platforms that offer classes in every skill imaginable. Begin by choosing a specific topic you want to master and set up a timeline for your commitment to learning.  A quick Google search will reveal a variety of services that offer online classes to your choosing. Services like Duolingo, a language development app is a fun way to brush up on your French or pick up a new language through interactive games and flashcards.  The subscription service, Masterclass, features videos from expert professionals like Helen Mirren for acting, Martin Scorsese for directing, Gordon Ramsey for cooking, and Chris Paul for basketball. Get inspired and pick up new skills that you’ll look forward to using and sharing when social-distancing is a thing of the past. 
  2. Establish an Exercise Routine:
    1. The internet is your oyster when it comes to looking for at-home workouts. With so much of our time being spent inside, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by dedicating some time to exercise. Walks (while keeping a social-distance from others) are amazing ways to get your blood flowing and some fresh air into your system - bonus points for the dogs you’ll meet along the way. Use that as a warmup for a workout, and repeat daily. Not only will your body reap the health benefits from daily exercise, prioritize it as a form of self-care for mental wellbeing as well. 
  3. Prioritize Rest 
    1. The average American sleeps for 6.8 hours a day according to Gallup, so now is our opportunity to catch up on much-needed rest. If you have trouble sleeping consider practicing meditation, yoga, or taking sleep supplements.
  4. Turn off your phone:
    1.  For most of us, our phones consume a large amount of our time. Shut off your phone for a few hours every day and take time to be fully present with your people or in an activity. Social distancing can also be “social media distancing.” Even I will admit that my Screen Time feature on my iPhone tells me I use my socials for hours more than I anticipated, but are we watching other lives go by instead of living ours? Dr. Sal Raichbach, a licensed psychologist at Ambrosia Treatment Center, told Elite Daily that distancing yourself from social media apps for a little while can help you steer clear of that compare-and-despair trap. 
  5. Deep Clean:
    1. It’s either a chair, a room, or just your entire home that can be an overwhelming flow of clutter. Now you have more time to dedicate to deep clean-Marie Kondo style. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant who rose to fame with her 4 novels about the Konmari Method and her Netflix show called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Her method of deep cleaning, called the Konmari Method, is a ritualistic step-by-step way to tidy up your lifestyle by asking yourself the important question of “Does this item still bring me joy?” Re-organizing your closet is a great way to be a responsible consumer by donating clothes and getting a new look at all the pieces you forgot about. In addition, properly recycle clothes-hangers since they are made of plastics that take 1,000 years to break down in a landfill according to Recycle Bank. If you need new hangers there are some sustainable options made out of cardboard that is a better option for you and the planet. Organizing your area allows for a clearer mind and is a productive way to pass time.
  6. Read a book:
    1. There are so many ways to find books online. Audiobooks are a popular way to catch up on your reading list.  If you can, practice designating an hour every day and absorbing a book in whichever format you choose. I even set a goal for myself to finish a book in the next 2 weeks. Joseph Addison once said that “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Nothing more can be said other than a final reminder to take some time to relax with a good book and unwind your mind.
  7. Watch something:
    1. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Youtube There are more options to consume online video content than ever before. As basic as it may be to “Netflix & Chill,” binge-watching good quality content is a reliable way to make time pass faster. We made a mini list of documentary movies that are about the health of the planet and can provide some knowledge of what we can improve, along with entertainment.
      1. The True Cost
      2. Planet Earth
      3. Happy
      4. American Factory
      5. Minimalism
      6. The 11th Hour
  8. Support Small Businesses:
    1. If cooking isn’t your favorite thing right now and you prefer restaurants, then don’t forget to support small food businesses that are offering takeout/pickup orders during this time. Yelp is a great resource for every local restaurant near you! Always be sure to ask if a restaurant offers frozen versions of their meals to keep your freezer stocked with fancier microwave meals. Lastly, if you are eating take-out items, don’t forget the importance of properly disposing of trash. If your neighborhood doesn’t supply bins for recycling plastics/paper, check out this Recycling Center Search for places to bring your recyclables.  
  9. Perfect your Skincare Regime:
    1. Struggling with a skin issue? Bustle says that your makeup could be the reason for it. There are a variety of articles that list certain ingredients that are scientifically proven to clog your pores, cause infection, irritate your skin, damage your eyes and cause disease. Ingredients such as talc powder, fish scales, parasitic beetles, and carcinogenic micro-plastics are just a few. Take some time at home to filter through your makeup and skincare for products containing these toxic ingredients, and find clean replacements. For organic skincare options be sure to check out the clean skincare options on ourCommonplace!
  10. Cook:
    1. The Internet is swarming with recipes containing any combination of ingredients. A quick browse will lead to an array of easy ways to cook a meal that you and your family will love. Some great food blogs we love are Half Baked Harvest, a blog containing wholesome family meals, and Vegan Richa, the go-to database for tasty vegan recipes. Incorporating everyone in the process of how to make any meal will create memories you’ll look back on forever. If you’re feeling inspired to refresh your kitchen with new accessories and dining sets, be sure to check out ourCommonplace for some ethically sourced gems. 
  11. Donate to Food Banks
    1. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the means to purchase items in bulk. This leaves many of our most vulnerable community members reliant on shelters and food banks. Your donations during this unprecedented time will make even more of an impact on organizations that are serving the need. Food Pantries is a great online database for food banks and subsidized grocery outlets. If your family has the means to donate, some great items to bring besides foods are any sanitary wipes, feminine hygiene products, diapers, vitamins, and flu relief medicine. At the end of the day remember to share the love with as many people as you possibly can and stay clean during these hectic times. 

We sincerely hope this article provided you with some inspiration and motivation for a productive quarantine! We'd love to see how you interpret our ideas, so be sure to share pictures of how you spend your time social distancing with the hashtag "#distancingwithourCommonplace"! 

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