How to be Sustainable After Valentine’s Day

On a day celebrated by many and hated by others, it is hard to ignore the aroma of love and flowers in the air. Whether you are celebrating with a dinner with your significant other, or going out for drinks with friends, be sure to show the planet some love and care too. You can practice to be sustainable after Valentine's Day by remembering to properly dispose of all wrapping from gifts or chocolate in its correct bin. Paper, cardboard, and some plastics should all be recycled and flowers (once dead) can be disposed in green waste bins or used as compost to bring nutrients back into the soil. When making someone’s gift be sure to add as many handmade elements as you can. By using your own materials at home to create an “up-cycled” gift you will have found the best match between creativity and sustainability. If you truly are committed to making a positive difference while spoiling the one you love, then we recommend skipping the chocolate and flowers and buying someone some plant seeds or a potted plant. This way they will not only have a constant physical reminder of you, but they’ll also be sustainable by contributing to a healthier, greener planet. It can be quite difficult to lower our carbon footprints and remaining cautious of our daily usage is as important as using less. So go home, relax, make your loved one a home-cooked meal, and remember to be sustainable and treat your planet the same as your S.O. 

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