All Shipping & Returns on ourCommonplace is 100% Carbon Neutral
What Does This Mean?

Every time an item is shipped, we invest in energy efficiency, forestry, or renewable energy projects that offset the same amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. We've partnered with Carbon Fund, to ensure that all shipping is carbon neutral. Additionally, for every order purchased through Shop Pay, Shopify will offset all delivery emissions.

How Does This Work?

So, a lot of complex math is taken into account to offset carbon emissions. Things such as weight, distance traveled, and cargo type are all taken into consideration when calculating shipping emissions.  

Where is ourCommonplace investing?

Through Shopify's Offset app, we contribute to deforestation efforts in the Amazon rainforest (the world's most affected biome!) through the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project

Do The Customers Pay For This?

Nope! ourCommonplace takes on the cost for both buyers and sellers. So go ahead love, shop consciously and do your thing. 

Does this mean shipping time will increase?

Not at all! Shipping time of your order remains unaffected–so you can enjoy timely deliveries while feeling good about reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Is This Important?

Doing good is at the heart of ourCommonplace, but we get it, we're also folks who love to express ourselves through the goods purchased and personal style is HUGE for us. With the steady increase in purchases worldwide, it's our responsibility to think of new and innovative ways to offset any harm being done to the environment. So, join us, as we set out to accomplish UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  

Do offsets actually make a difference?

Offsets are not a perfect solution but they're a necessary tool to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Commerce puts an especially large strain on our environment by producing carbon emissions–by offsetting these emissions, we can continue to be conscious consumers.