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We couldn't be more excited to announce our new brand partnership with STAMBA. STAMBA is a whole-food, clean supplement brand that uses premium ingredients to enhance personal health and the planet's. They also incorporate sustainable packaging and donate portions of their profit to their philanthropic partners. Impressed by their work, we decided to conduct an interview with the founder to provide our audience with an insider feature: 
  1. What is the inspiration behind your clean supplement brand and its name?

STAMBA is the fruit of my hippy upbringing, personal healing journey and passion for bringing benefits to others. In Hindi, STAMBA means pillar – I love the associations with strength, stability and reliability – being a pillar of wellness support that you can depend on to truly benefit your life. The more ancient Sanskrit origin of our name, STAMBHA, symbolizes the core pillar of our very being that connects us with the celestial above while being firmly grounded in the solidity of Earth.

STAMBA Replenish - ourCommonplace

STAMBA - Replenish

  1. Considering the wide range of supplements available on the market, what sets STAMBA apart from the rest?

Quality, care and a meaningful nutritional philosophy. I have been studying and sourcing true superfoods, or Earth’s most beneficial whole-foods as I call them, for the past 12 years. I am obsessive about which ingredients we feature, the growing environments where our they are cultivated, and the preservation of their nutritional potency. Nutrients are sensitive, our commitment to freeze-drying (70% of our ingredients) or cold-processing to preserve the raw state and bioavailability of the phytonutrients in our ingredients is a big differentiator. We champion the food-science philosophy of whole-food synergy which reveres the full spectrum of phytonutrients in food working with one another to deliver significant health benefits that cannot be conferred by isolating or synthetically reproducing certain elements found in food. I believe that our products reflect the forefront of nutritional understanding married with uncompromising quality assurance standards; a winning combination.

  1. Due to the high amount of controversy surrounding supplements and their functionality, how does STAMBA provide credibility to their customers?

Transparency and education. Our sourcing, quality assurance and scientific backing all speak for themselves and we share openly on our website for people to understand the safety and efficacy of our ingredients and blends, as well as learn about the depth of our nutritional philosophy and approach.

STAMBA Perform

STAMBA - Perform

  1. As an advanced clean supplement brand, tell us a little bit about the process you go through to source your ingredients.

I have well-developed relationships with an extensive network of raw ingredient suppliers including farmers, cooperatives, and companies from all parts of the globe. Sourcing is all about connecting with real people and having detailed conversations with them to establish that their practices are in alignment with our standards. I then test every raw ingredient personally. When you compare the final product from different sources, you become attuned to the signatures of highest quality. The aroma, texture, color and flavor convey the life force that each ingredient maintains. It is only after I experience the potency of an ingredient from a supplier that I bring them into our network.

STAMBA Perform - ourCommonplace

STAMBA - Perform

  1. What is your favorite product or clean supplement you offer and why?

Of course, I love all of our products, yet DAILY is definitely my favorite one. First off, the creation and development of DAILY is how STAMBA began. I have been taking DAILY regularly for 12 years and it has transformed my well-being. My energy levels, mood, mental clarity and immune strength are all stronger than they have ever been, and I attribute this directly to DAILY. Its protective and experiential benefits are delivered through the most complete array of whole-foods in our line. I have a motto: eat great food, supplement with Earth’s most beneficial foods. DAILY embodies this motto and the benefits it confers as an encapsulated whole-food supplement are what I believe people should look to from dietary supplementation.

STAMBA Daily - ourCommonplace

STAMBA - Daily

  1. Lastly, what advice would you give our audience pertaining to the maintenance of a conscious and healthy lifestyle?

Three of my favorite words are: sustainable, holistic and care. Self-care entails being compassionate and loving with ourselves. This is the foundation from which we make our most beneficial and empowered choices. ourCommonplace is attracting people that are aligning themselves with companies and practices that prioritize the lasting well-being of Earth. Recognizing and celebrating every conscious action that we take towards that end builds momentum and creates a sense of contribution to the greater good. I think that reinforcing our own positive actions that support our personal well-being and contribute to creating a more harmonious relationship with others and our planet, is paramount. We know the challenges we face, yet championing and sharing actions that we take that are actually making a difference for us personally and collectively is what inspires others to want to take responsible and uplifting actions in their lives; it promotes a benevolent circle.

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