How to Give Yourself a (Clean) At Home Facial

Skincare regimens are a fantastic way to create a system of self-care for yourself, especially when aestheticians and dermatologists are out of reach. While there are some procedures that should only be done by professionals (extractions, chemical peels, etc), there are safe and easy ways to pamper yourself with an at home clean facial.
At home clean facials can be an enhancement to your daily skincare routine and is a perfect way to wind down and treat yourself with a few simple treatments. 

1. Create space and a calm atmosphere.

Face it, being at home doesn't protect us from being busy. 
And sometimes our busyness keeps us from caring for ourselves. We understand, you've got a lot going on, which is more of a reason why you need time to yourself. Practice deliberately removing these distractions in order to carve out the space and time you need to relax. 
A facial at a spa is a relaxing experience usually filled with warm towels, dim lights, and soft music. Recreate this environment by lighting your favorite candle (we love Modern Theory - Santal + Spice Candle), turning your phone off, and turn on your favorite relaxing playlist during your at home clean facial. Set an appointment with yourself and keep it.

2. Cleanse your skin.

The first step is to remove all impurities from your skin so that you have a clean base to absorb all of the amazing benefits of your skincare routine. A clean face should be part of any daily skincare routine - take some extra time to make sure you're removing all makeup, sunscreen, and skincare products from your skin before moving onto the next step.

It's important to choose a cleanser suited for your skin. If you have combination skin or skin that changes through the seasons, opt for products suited for all skin types.  D’isolana’s Clarifying Cleansing Milk lifts impurities and unclogs pores without stripping the skin and leaves you feeling perfectly clean and refreshed.

For a deep clean, look for a foaming cleanser to clear oil and debris from pores. The Fight Grime Cleansing Gel from 27 Rosiers is an allergen free, over-concentrated gel that lathers into a light foam. 

27 Rosiers Fight Grime

3. Steam your skin.

If you've gotten a professional facial before, you've most likely experienced a steaming process. Steaming softens the top layer of skin and prepares your pores for the next step, exfoliation. And both of these steps could easily be added to your clean facial routine at home!

Fill a clean, large bowl with water - the water should be warm enough to create steam but not hot enough to burn your skin (remember - steam can exist at the same temperature as boiling water). Be careful.

Drop in a cap-full of Klei's Uplift Citrus Peels & Rose Floral Facial Steam to add an aromatherapy element with moisturizing benefits. 

Spearmint & Lavender Calm Floral Facial Steam Klei - ourCommonplace

Cover your head with a towel and carefully lean your head over the bowl to capture the steam. Wait a 5-10 minutes, but no longer than 10 minutes for most skin types. Over steaming can lead to over drying your skin. 

Ideally, you shouldn't need a professional neck massage after this at home facial, so get comfortable. We recommend doing this step from a comfortable position. Try placing the bowl on a dining table or kitchen counter and sitting down before setting the timer. 

4. Exfoliate to remove dead skin. 

You've probably heard it before, your skin is the largest organ in your body. And as an organ, it's constantly renewing itself and regrowing cells. This leads to dead skin cells which can build up on the surface of the skin and hide radiant skin underneath. Exfoliation is an important step to smooth skin and prepare your skin for the absorption of products in following steps. 

There are two forms of exfoliation products - chemical and physical. Like the name, chemical exfoliants contain ingredients that chemically loosen bonds between skin cells, causing them to slough off. Chemical exfoliants fall into two categories, AHA (alpha hydroxy acids, e.g. glycolic and lactic acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy/salicylic acid). If you're new to chemical exfoliants, we recommend starting with a gentle product like Bios Apothecary's Passionfruit Enzyme Mask which uses AHA derived from fruits to gently soften and rejuvenate skin.


Bios Apothecary - Passionfruit Enzyme Mask

Physical exfoliants contain ingredients that act as "tools" to physically scrub dead skin cells off of skin. You may see physical exfoliants in products in the form of sugar scrubs, fruit pits, and even stone. 

When exfoliating your skin, it's critical to prioritize gentleness when using chemical or physical exfoliants. Always use the recommended amount start slow when you're just starting out with exfoliants. Avoid sensitive areas like the thinner skin around your eyes and around breakouts.  

5. Apply a Mask (or Two).

Isn't a mask what makes a facial really feel like a facial? The next step to your perfect at home clean facial is to apply a mask! 
Depending on what your skin is craving, choose a mask that will serve your skin's need. If you're in need of a deep cleanse, a clay mask will draw oil and impurities to the surface. Bella Vida's Blueberry Coco Charcoal Clay Mask is perfect for oily and acne skin types and gentle enough for dry skin. 

If your skin is feeling dry and in need of deep moisture, try Eluo Beauty's Forma Rosea mask which uses fatty acids from coconut powder and hydrating essential oils of sandalwood and rose.  

Forma Rosea - To Hydrate Skin Eluo Beauty - ourCommonplace

Massage the mask into your skin and apply an even layer. This is a great opportunity to draw a bath and soak for 10-15 minutes and allow the gentle steam to set the mask on your skin. Close your eyes, take a deep breathe, and go to your happy place. Unplugged Tip: resist the urge to post selfies #selfcare to your social feed - your followers can wait.

6. Seal the deal, moisturize your skin.

Once you remove your mask, lock in hydration with a serum and moisturizer. This final step to your self-care, at home clean facial is an important one to amplify the benefits of your facial. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer and massage gently into your face. Many of us will find that a gentle massage around the jaw and temple will relieve tensions that we hold throughout the day and gentle taps around the eyes and cheek bones reduce puffiness. 

Serums and oils provide a soothing and protective barrier for your skin. After all of the exfoliation and oil removal, it's even more important to allow skin to heal and regenerate. Esker's Restorative Oil deeply moisturizes and protects skin with a powerful blend of healing oils - carrot seed, squalane, and jojoba. 


Strange Bird's Inner Light Moisturizer is a great choice for a radiating glow. This light, silky product is made with glow boosting oils such as Camellia and Jojoba that nourish your skin and give you a rich, dewy complex. 


The Boundless Solid Oil from 8 Faces is a multi-purpose solid oil that is packed with Amla, the most antioxidant rich ingredient in the world. The oil provides deep moisture to the skin and can even be rubbed in to hair and cuticles for moisture and protection.   

Boundless Solid Oil 8 Faces - ourCommonplace

Bios Apothecary Peppermint Face Cream is a plant-based, deeply moisturizing buttercream with a velvety after-feel and a cooling, mentholated tingle. 

If you're going outside during the day after your moisturizer, prioritize applying SPF 30 or higher. 

There's no better to relax and practice self care than to freshening up with an at home clean facial. Leave your comment below on what you use for the best clean facial routine! 

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