Sustainable Office Products for Your Work-From-Home Space

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There's no question that technological advances have transformed our work and the places where we can work. More people are working from home and given the recent stay at home measures, working from home has become the only choice for workers fortunate enough to have jobs with that flexibility.

Even prior to 2020, a 2019 Gallup poll revealed that 43% of Americans worked from home occasionally. And we generally like the ability to work from home. 90% of Americans say that flexibility in their work arrangement contributes to their overall morale.

More than before, the line between work hours and "off" hours are becoming blurred as we're all learning to adjust to the new normal of more time spent at home balanced with the ongoing responsibilities of our jobs. It's important to preserve our precious hours away from work hours by creating separation in our work and living spaces. 

But many urban dwellers may lack the space to furnish a home office, or they're re-purposing areas of their home as "office" spaces. And as much as we love to lounge on our couch or bed, we can bring and introduce a sense of routine and normalcy to our workday by designating work areas and using sustainable office products like the Amasouk Leather Tray.

Here are a few tips to get your work from home space feeling new and functional - whether it's a corner of your kitchen counter or a spare room. 

Pick a spot and stick to it. 

We are creatures of habit. As much as you may like changing up your routine, there's scientific evidence behind how quickly our brains can actually adapt to a new schedule and routine. It's a survival mechanism that allows us to adapt - take comfort in that. In fact, after a few weeks of working from home, our brains have already formed new neural pathways and these pathways are strengthened with repeated behavior. 

If we want to jump start our routines and boost productivity every morning, it's mission critical to allow our brains to form these connections. So, that specific stool on the left side of your kitchen counter with a scented Tuberose Signature Candle can be as if you've scanned your badge and taken a seat in your swivel chair at the office. 

Find a place in your home that you want to spend the majority of your day in and use it as home base. You can still move around when you're taking calls or brainstorming new ideas, but keep your mind set on using your "office". This is particularly helpful for more mundane tasks that may seem less interesting than walking the dog for the 10th time today or catching up on your latest Netflix docu-series. 

Clear the clutter away and out of sight.

Chances are, more people are seeing your office space with video conferencing at an all time high. You're also moving in between working and living in your space with different needs for both. Organize and clear off clutter from work surfaces using easy to use catchall baskets. The Kata Bin Set are sustainable natural jute bins, perfect for odds and ends around the house. For added function, the baskets nest into one another when not in use. Toss your note pad, charging cables, and mouse in a basket when not in use. Reduce stress and maximize space while keeping your space stylish with multiple sustainable office products. 

Prioritize lighting your workspace.

Ideally, try to sit next to a window to give yourself a sense of time as the sun rises and sets. According to Bloomberg, working from home has led to an average of three additional logged work hours. In the absence of a commute delineating our workday from off work hours, we're prone to let time pass. There are health benefits to lighting your area well including the prevention of headaches and eye strain.  

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