Garden-to-table, meet garden-to-face.
Some of my most cherished childhood memories are of picking figs, grapes and roses from our great grandmother’s victory garden in Brooklyn. We’d bring our fragrant little harvests into Grandma Frieda’s kitchen, where she’d whip up Mediterranean recipes that have been in our family for generations.
Grandma Frieda was more than a great cook, though — she was also our family’s first beauty guru! With the bounty of her garden, she would DIY her very own skincare, even making her own rosewater toner.
We at Testament believe that Grandma knew best when it comes to having great, glowing skin. It all starts with garden-grown ingredients, such as pomegranate, fresh herbs, melons and other antioxidant-rich, skin-soothing botanicals to achieve your most beautiful, glowing and bright skin. Our skin treatments are uncomplicated, yet indulgent; simple, yet remarkably effective. It’s a truly sensory experience that you have to try yourself to believe.
At Testament, we’re dedicated to creating clean beauty products, that’s why you’ll never find any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic and artificial fragrances, mineral oils or petrolatum among our ingredients. Ever.  Our products are   cruelty-free to both our wildlife and our environment.