AMASOUK partners with master Moroccan artisans to bring extraordinary, hand-crafted goods into your home. By personally traveling to Morocco and relying exclusively on local materials–such as leather, wool, and natural dyes–AMASOUK establishes sustainable relationships with local artisans. Unlike other Moroccan goods that have gone through several middlemen before reaching your doorstep, AMASOUK works directly with the artisan ensuring fair compensation and working conditions.

AMASOUK’s home goods are crafted one at time, often hand-dyed, dipped, and stitched together by a single artisan. As a result, each design is available in limited quantities–sometimes, just one item–to ensure that your purchase is as unique as the artist that created it.

The goal? Help skilled entrepreneurs grow their businesses, support their families, and thrive as contributors to time-honored tradition and functional art. And of course, offer you extraordinary pieces that add depth, beauty, and soul to your living space.