The Growing Need for Great Sustainable Loungewear Options

Over the past year, many of us have had to embrace a new kind of lifestyle that is decidedly more sedentary than what we may have been accustomed to. The pandemic shifted the way we think about being stuck indoors, with many of us forced to start working from home and forgo common social activities.

The result has been an increased need for sustainable loungewear that is not only comfy but stylish and long-lasting as well. With more of us spending time indoors and opting for functional casualwear over dressing up, it only makes sense that high-quality tees, pajama sets, sweatpants, and breathable loose-fitting clothing would become more appealing.

This growing need for well-made loungewear is in line with parallel trends that were in motion even before the pandemic changed everything. Stylish athleisure and activewear that’s comfortable and practical, casual urban-style clothing, and even sleepwear have all been on the rise.

It’s clear that more of us want multipurpose clothing options we can wear just about anywhere, and that provide superior comfort over elaborate designs. That being said, with any boom in the clothing industry, we have to be mindful of the wasteful practices that are often employed and seek to support ethical brands buck fast fashion trends and that go out of their way to craft higher-quality loungewear options that use eco-friendly materials.

Below we will highlight some of the reasons why comfortable casualwear is now a necessity for a complete wardrobe, and why it’s important to shop for brands that not only prioritize quality but the environment as well.

Cozy and Casual

In terms of practicality, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of high-quality loungewear. When you simply want to feel comfortable in your space or slip into something cozy yet functional after a long day of work, nothing beats a pair of sweatpants and an oversized sweater.

Given that we’re spending more time indoors, whether it’s because of our work obligations or simply because we’re avoiding unnecessary public appearances until the pandemic dies down, having a wide assortment of comfortable clothing to wear around the house is more important than ever.

What’s great about having plenty of loungewear on hand is that these pieces of clothing are extremely versatile. In many cases, they double as athletic clothing and can be worn during workouts or out while jogging. Likewise, a quality loungewear set will be breathable and cozy enough to sleep in as well.

The key is finding on-trend casualwear options that are tasteful and that are truly designed to offer lasting comfort. Clothing that utilizes high-quality materials such as 100% organic cotton, eucalyptus, bamboo, and linen, will offer the right kind of look and feel.

If you’re thinking about adding some sustainable loungewear options to your wardrobe, here are a few essentials to consider picking up:

A cozy all-purpose pullover, like this Snug Up Hoodie from Blara Organic House.

This Scoop-Neck Tank, perfect for layering or simply to lounge around in.

Something stylish and loose-fitting, such as this pretty kaftan dress from Campo Collection.

A high-quality T-shirt suitable for work and play.

Comfortable and lightweight jogging pants, like this pair from eco-friendly brand Sijo.

Our ethical marketplace has a rich variety of casualwear and sleepwear options to choose from, so if you want to feel as comfortable as possible around the house, you don’t have to go very far.

Loungewear That’s Produced With Sustainable Practices

Comfort may be an important factor to consider when looking for loungewear, but it’s not everything. No matter what kind of clothing you are shopping for, you want to be mindful of how it was produced.

Our comfort shouldn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. Given the rate at which the clothing industry churns out popular items like sweatpants, leggings, and tees, the only sensible solution is to turn our attention toward sustainable fashion brands that are working to produce high-quality loungewear that is trendy, cozy, and more in line with eco-conscious practices.

What are some of the distinguishing factors of sustainable clothing brands that you want to keep an eye out for? Here are a few of the most important qualities to consider:

  • Clothing that is primarily made from natural organic materials, such as cotton. This kind of material is biodegradable and has a smaller carbon footprint than many synthetic fibers.
  • Loungewear that features reused and upcycled materials such as recycled polyester, nylon, and cotton.
  • Sensible supply chains and other sustainable business practices that focus on supporting local communities and not mass factory production.
  • Items that are produced in small quantities.

Here at ourCommonplace, we feature a variety of eco-conscious brands that take all of these points into consideration when crafting their high-quality clothing lines. These brands understand the importance of mitigating the negative impact we have on the environment while still producing incredibly comfy and fashionable loungewear.

These days, with our new home-bound way of life, sustainable loungewear has become all but essential. Whether you are thinking about treating yourself with a high-quality sleepwear set or if you are on the hunt for a reliable pair of comfy sweatpants, keep the planet in mind and look for sustainable brands that are doing their part to pave the way toward an ecologically prosperous future.

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