Summer 2021 Eco-Friendly Swimwear Guide

Searching for swimwear that is not only flattering but functional as well is difficult enough, before even taking into consideration the impact that these pieces of clothing have on the environment.

Swimwear that is eco-friendly and designed according to higher standards than the industry norm will yield a better quality experience for consumers and for the planet as a whole. With summer only a few months away, now’s the time to start thinking about your swimwear choices and the brands that you want to support.

Below we are highlighting our favorite eco-clothing brands that specifically feature a great selection of stylish swimwear options you may want to consider adding to your summer ensemble. We will also provide some insight into the production of these swimwear pieces as well and how the brands behind these products are taking innovative steps towards more sustainable fashion industry.

The Unique Challenge of Developing Sustainable Swimwear

With most kinds of clothing, there is quite an abundance of sustainable and plant-based materials to choose from. Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to swimsuits, due to the fact that they have to be water-resistant.

Swimsuits also differ from everyday clothing in a number of other ways as well, with features such as padding and added UV protection.

Although there are fewer organic and all-natural materials to work with, eco-conscious brands are constantly innovating, using recycled materials and reducing waste whenever possible.

Materials such as Econyl®, for instance, are literally changing the way we think about clothing production. Also known as regenerated nylon, Econyl® is made from waste yet is still recyclable, which means that it can be considered a truly sustainable material. In fact, this renewed form of nylon is indistinguishable from material that is newly produced, and is just as soft and durable.

Despite the challenge of creating high-quality sustainable materials that work well for swimsuits, many forward-thinking brands are thriving, offering a variety of comfortable and sustainably produced swimsuits that are not only designed with the planet in mind, but the latest trends as well.

1 People

ourCommonplace Values: Sustainable, Toxic Free, Cruelty Free, Woman Owned

A brand that perfectly blends sustainability and style, 1 People features a wide range of clothing that is designed with the health of the planet in mind. They are also concerned with the ethics of the fashion industry at large and have taken strides to ensure that their products are produced fairly, with a focus on forming relationships with local communities and the artisans that are involved with crafting the goods themselves.

Luxury quality is another important aspect of 1 People’s brand that is evident throughout their entire line of products. Ther swimwear specifically is OEKO-TEX® certified, which means that the materials used are devoid of toxic chemicals or harmful substances.

While this brand does have an incredible variety of products ranging from cute activewear essentials to high-quality accessories, we’re here to highlight their eco-friendly swimwear items, which have a distinctly classic look that you will love.

Santorini - JTR

Our first pick out of 1 People’s collection is an attractive one-piece bathing suit featuring a stylish double criss-cross strap design, a classic scoop neck, and a high cut triangle-style bottom. Crafted out of regenerated nylon and Elastane, this minimalist piece is the perfect example of swimwear that is both eco-conscious and luxurious.

Like all of 1 People’s clothing products, this bathing suit is also free of toxic chemicals, sports reliable UV protection, and comes in a variety of other lovely colors such as pebble and seaweed.

Canggu - DPS

For those of us who prefer two-piece bathing suits, this entry from 1 People might be just what you’re looking for. Crafted with the same degree of quality as the previous piece, and falling back on a similar minimalist aesthetic, this swimwear set features a stylish top with a flattering low-cut bikini bottom.

This set is also designed using the same 78% Econyl®, 22% Elastane mix, through ethical business practices that you can be truly proud to support. A great choice this summer if you are in need of a swimwear set that reflects your values and will match your tastes as well.


ourCommonplace Values: Ethical, Sustainable, Toxic Free, Cruelty Free, Woman Owned

OCEANCHILD SWIM is an eco-friendly swimwear brand that features beautifully designed swimsuits that help women feel sexy and empowered. All of their products are crafted out of nylon waste and have a wide-variety of great qualities such as sun cream and oil resistance, UPF 50+ UV protection, and great support.

As far as sustainable swimwear brands are concerned, OCEANCHILD SWIM epitomizes the kind of mentality and ethics that are making a real difference in the industry. While their swimsuit options are designed with the utmost quality in mind, this is not what makes them stand out as a brand. It is their approach to sustainable manufacturing and appreciation for the Earth and our environment that makes them a brand worth mentioning.

Malve Bralette Top

For a comfortable swimsuit top that has a timeless design and that is crafted using high-quality sustainable materials, the Maleve Bralette Top from OCEANCHILD is the perfect contender. This piece has an adaptable minimalist aesthetic that is great if you want to mix and match with other cute swimsuit bottoms.

Like many of their products, this top is created using 78% Econyl®, which is formed from post-consumer waste, including discarded industrial plastics and other materials that would have otherwise been left in landfills or cluttering up the environment. Since nylon can be endlessly recycled into new fibers that can be used to create high-quality clothing items, and has natural water resistance, it’s ideal for crafting swimwear that is as sustainable as possible.

Cedar Swimsuit

Another entry from OCEANCHILD SWIM, this one-piece swimsuit is as functional as it is adventurous. Featuring a low V-neck front, a low back, and a double-lined seamless finish, this is a beautiful piece that offers a feminine design and plenty of support for activities such as surfing.

The Cedar Swimsuit captures the spirit of what OCEANCHILD is all about as a brand. Minimalist, functional, and daring, this is the kind of swimsuit you need in your wardrobe if you want to look and feel incredible when you’re enjoying your time in the summer sun.

Tiller Swim

ourCommonplace Values: Ethical, Sustainable, BIPOC Owned, Woman Owned

A brand concerned with creating high-quality sustainable swimwear items that are long-lasting and on-trend, Tiller Swim was forged out of a love for the ocean and the environment at large. The founder, Kathleen Sheppard, recognized the need for eco-friendly alternatives in this space and wanted to create a swimwear brand that could actually make a positive impact in the industry.

With a focus on bathing suits that are not only attractive, but comfortable and versatile as well, Tiller Swim has put together a stunning collection of eco-friendly swimwear options that we are proud to feature. Here are just a couple of samples that are worth a look if you are searching for a new look this summer that won’t compromise your ethics.

Another point worth noting about Tiller Swim is their sustainable supply chain and packaging, which is progressive and reflects a deeper understanding of how brands have to shift their thinking and start innovating if they want to actually practice what they preach. Tiller Swim uses 100% recycled materials in their packaging, and each swimsuit comes in a recyclable zip pouch in order to help buyers minimize waste. They also utilize ethical manufacturing practices at every phase of product production, honoring workers by providing safe working conditions, fair wages, and a healthy work / life balance. 

Ribbed West Bottom

The West bottom features a mid rise, mid-full coverage bottom fit with criss-cross front detail, made from recycled materials. It comes in two colors: Black & White. 

Like most of Tiller Swim’s bathing suits, this bottom is reversible as well, which only increases the value you can expect. One side is a classic matte black while the other is white with black lining and a fun black palm pattern. With a unique-looking design and great affordability, there’s a lot to love about this piece.

Coco One Piece

Another beautiful one-piece swimsuit, this one sporting a unique design, Tiller Swim’s Coco One Piece is a great piece to add to your collection if you want to stand out on the beach this summer.

With a similar reversible motif as the previous entry, it’s almost as though you are getting two pieces in one, with one side featuring an attractive giraffe pattern that pairs well with the overall design of the swimsuit. Using the same high-quality recycled fabrics and offering a stylish fit, this piece also doubles as a comfy and functional bodysuit that can be adapted into a multitude of different outfits.

Finding The Right Swimsuit For You That Matches Your Style and Ethics

Here at ourCommonplace, we believe that shopping for swimwear should be an empowering process. It’s not enough to find comfortable swimsuits or ones that have an attractive fit that matches your unique aesthetic. The brands that we have highlighted above prove that you can design top-quality clothing while making a palpable difference in the industry from the top down.

It’s not even about the clothing pieces specifically or what materials are used in the production process. To truly reconfigure the fashion industry and create a more sustainable model we can all be proud of, the mindset behind fashion as a whole has to change, and this is what we are seeking to call attention to.

By supporting brands that emphasize community relationships, the rights of workers in underdeveloped countries, and sustainable supply chains, shipping methods, and packaging, we are making a real difference in people’s lives and doing our small part to protect the environment as well.

These brands are at the forefront of a global initiative to shift the entire industry in a conscious direction. While reusing discarded nylon or recycled plastics to create functional swimsuits may seem like a small step, it’s an important one. The mainstream swimwear industry is very the definition of fast fashion, with styles and trends cycling in and out faster than most of us can keep track of. By investing in products that don’t contribute to further environmental waste and prioritizing luxury-quality items that you won’t likely toss after a single season, you are having an impact.

What we love about brands like 1 People, OCEANCHILD SWIM, and Tiller Swim is that their products are all the proof you need that “sustainable” doesn’t have to mean lacking in style or long-lasting quality. These brands craft impeccable on-trend swimsuits that will give you all the comfort and support you need on your summer adventures, while looking great at the same time.

The fact that these brands are contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry as a whole is something that makes them all the more appealing. The truth is that taking care of the oceans and the environment at large will require powerful initiatives from all corners of the economy, the fashion industry is indeed responsible for a great deal of waste, so the onus is on clothing brands and swimsuit companies to do their part and help contribute to the solution. Just as the onus is on us to support these sustainable brands with the power of our buying choices.

If any of these eco-friendly swimsuits have inspired you, take a look at our entire featured collection of swimsuits here in our online marketplace. If you are looking for other luxury-quality clothing items to accompany your summer look, we have a wide selection of cute sandals, fashionable tops, eco-friendly jewelry pieces, and more to choose from. You can also send us a message at if you would like more information on any of our featured brands or specific products you might be interested in.

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