The Best Reasons to Shop Eco-Friendly Jewelry

As consumers, it’s all too easy to shop for any nice-looking trinket that catches our eye without putting much thought into the purchase. Plenty of outlets even encourage this kind of mindset, because it’s how they generate the most profit.

However, you can look stylish and sophisticated without supporting fast fashion and the questionable practices of these companies. Eco-friendly jewelry offers an attractive and environmentally-conscious option for those who want to support the planet as they shop.

The jewelry industry isn’t known for its values and ethics, but by supporting eco-conscious brands, we can do our part to shift the industry in a more positive and sustainable direction. Below we have highlighted a few of the key benefits to shopping for higher-quality jewelry, pieces that are designed with regard to the planet and the rights of workers in mind.

Avoiding Jewelry Waste

As was briefly mentioned above, the jewelry industry has a pretty dubious reputation when it comes to fair practices and environmental impact. Gathering resources from the earth can be a highly damaging process that results in heavy fossil fuel emissions, waterway contamination, land pollution, and fractured ecosystems.

Avoiding the waste that is created through traditional jewelry-making practices is one of the most important reasons to support sustainable jewelry brands. It may seem a bit discouraging at times knowing that there is only so much that we can do as individuals to make a difference, but this is one of those instances where your buying power does come into play. Jewelry crafted from recycled materials, for instance, lessens the demand for raw resources that have to be dug up from the earth.

Invest in Quality Workmanship

Looking back just a few decades ago, the fashion industry was much different and people had a very different relationship with their belongings. People shopped less often, yet bought higher quality goods that would last longer. Their modest wardrobes and jewelry collections served them well too, because they were designed with care. People did not buy new things every other week to chase after rapidly changing trends. They altered what they had and were happy with the results. We could have something similar today with a bit of a mindset shift.

Instead of constantly buying new items and getting rid of the old, we can choose to prioritize quality craftsmanship in the items we purchase.

The eco-friendly jewelry that is featured here in our marketplace embodies those same ideals, as each of the pieces has been carefully crafted to provide lasting value. Being eco-conscious in your buying habits isn’t simply about choosing products crafted from sustainable or reclaimed materials, but ones that offer timeless quality that will endure over many years.

This will discourage you from needing to purchase new jewelry a few months later, which should be the goal when you are making a purchase. The jewelry pieces you purchase should be seen as an investment, not an impulse buy. That is why we have spent so much time carefully vetting each and every brand that you see here at ourCommonplace, to ensure that the items they craft will provide this sense of quality and long-lasting value. Pieces that you will cherish a lifetime rather than forget about in a week.

Empower Smaller Brands

Rather than offering your patronage to larger companies that don’t align with your values, you can turn to smaller businesses that are proving to genuinely care about their global impact. Plenty of smaller companies offer quality products that are made ethically, from responsibly sourced materials and with fair trade practices.

The ethical brands that are featured in our marketplace prove that you can have a healthy business without sacrificing your principles along the way. By producing eco friendly jewelry using materials such as recycled gold, these brands seek to minimize the impact they have on the environment while still offering a beautiful, luxurious product.

One of the key reasons why it’s important to support smaller businesses like these is that it helps to move our economy away from the grip of mega-corporations and into a more diverse and people-centric system that is fair to everyone. Purchasing a piece of jewelry may seem like a small act, but when you support BIPOC-owned and women-owned businesses that use eco-friendly materials and who truly care about the planet, it makes a real difference in people’s lives and pushes us all a bit closer to a more sound and sustainable economic model.

A Wide Selection of Fine Jewelry

If you are in search of stylish jewelry pieces that are crafted out of ethically sourced materials yet still possess that air of luxury you want, take a look through our collection of beautiful pieces here at ourCommonplace. We have a generous selection of necklaces, earrings, anklets, and more, all of which are designed by brands that honestly care about their environmental impact as well as the quality of their work.

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