3 Sustainable Activewear Brands Making a Real Difference

From stylish leggings to comfortable crop tops, activewear has become an increasingly important part of most women’s wardrobes. Clothes that support an active lifestyle yet are comfortable enough to wear in most casual settings.

Sustainable activewear brands understand the importance of crafting clothes that not only meet this level of versatility but that are also created in a manner that is not as damaging to the environment. Athletic wear that uses post-consumer materials whenever possible, while adhering to eco-conscious business practices. Though some of these materials aren’t always a perfect solution, because they end up being converted into clothing items that can no longer be recycled, it’s still a step in the right direction in terms of mitigating the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

If you are interested in high-quality activewear that also takes the state of the environment into consideration as much as possible, below we have highlighted a few of the brands that we are proud to carry here in our marketplace that embody the ideals of sustainability and ethics.

1 People

ourCommonplace Values: Sustainable, Toxic Free, Cruelty Free, Woman Owned

With an eye for luxury-quality and a minimalist aesthetic, 1 People is a conscious brand producing clothing that features beautiful timeless designs crafted from eco-friendly materials. Their philosophy is people and planet-centric, with a firm belief that a thriving economy and a healthy environment can seamlessly coexist under the right practices.

While 1 People certainly has a wide selection of quality clothing items to choose from, its stylish yet functional sustainable activewear line is what we’re highlighting here.

Created using high-quality recycled and eco-friendly materials like regenerated nylon and elastane, their line of leggings, shorts, and tank tops offer high performance and incredible comfort. With urban designs that flatter, these pieces of activewear are the perfect solution for women who want a stylish option for the gym that is also making a real difference in terms of industry ethics.

Alana Athletica

ourCommonplace Values: Ethical, Sustainable, Toxic Free

Founded on the premise of being a socially aware activewear brand, Alana Athletica is committed to changing the lives of women in Sri Lanka while empowering women around the world.

The founders of Alana Athletica have created a brand that is truly impactful, as they have partnered with various humanitarian organizations in order to assist women who have survived abuse. From education to self-defense training, each purchase of this brand’s products contributes toward women empowerment.

Alana Athletic believes in doing its part to move the clothing industry forward, beyond fast fashion and into a far more sustainable model that prioritizes supportive working environments, fair wages, and ethical manufacturing.

Their commitment to helping women is not the only reason why we are proud to recommend their brand. Their line of premium-quality activewear is designed with sustainable materials like recycled polyester and utilizes industry-leading technology that provides a superior fit and moisture-wicking capabilities as well. Their leggings and other pieces also include non-toxic silver ions that have antimicrobial properties, which aid in eliminating odor.

Offering plenty of comfort as well as support, Alana Athletica’s sustainable activewear collection works equally well for yoga class as it does for lounging around the house.


ourCommonplace Values: Ethical, Sustainable, BIPOC Owned, Woman Owned

Another impactful brand specializing in luxury-quality women’s activewear, their pieces are designed to seamlessly combine comfort and functionality, while helping you to support the planet as well. A Scandinavian company out of Denmark, they claim to put the environment first, and this sentiment is evident in all that they do as a brand.

Each piece of clothing is produced by Liz de Leon, the founder of the brand, who strives to craft pieces that look and feel fantastic, with classic designs and a minimalist style.

LEON NORD is a small woman-owned business that believes in doing things differently, and that means avoiding the typical wasteful practices of fast fashion with a small batch production model and by using sustainable packaging.

What’s also notable about this brand is that they plant a tree for every item sold, which is an effective way to counteract the negative effects of ecological damage. Trees not only help to offset carbon emissions, but they also provide a multitude of other benefits, such as habitats for local wildlife, as well as a means of preventing topsoil erosion.

Their sustainable practices aren’t the only reason LEON NORD stands out as a brand. They produce super-comfortable tank tops and leggings that are the definition of athleisure. An excellent choice whether you are at the gym or are simply looking for stylish pieces you can wear just about anywhere.

Shopping Without Compromising Your Values

Eco-conscious and ethical brands like these are proof that you don’t need to sacrifice your personal values or contribute to wasteful practices in order to look and feel amazing, even at the gym.

Collectively we can hold the industry accountable by supporting brands that are trying to raise awareness about important issues and that are making a real difference in the lives of workers, local communities, and women all over the world. Take a look through our robust collection of activewear, as well as our wide range of other sustainable clothing products as well, such as sleepwear, dresses, and more. Here at ourCommonplace, we believe in eco-friendly and ethically-sourced products that help to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry that supports both workers and the environment.  

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