5 Nourishing Non Toxic Face Masks For Positively Vibrant Skin

Keeping your skin smooth, hydrated, and free of blemishes can seem like a never-ending battle. Although cleansers and moisturizers typically represent the backbone of a reliable skincare routine, non-toxic face masks can be used to augment what you are already doing in order to achieve your skin goals.

Non-toxic face masks are extremely effective at exfoliating and hydrating the skin, helping to improve softness and reduce the telltale signs of aging such as wrinkles and discoloration. It’s important to note the difference between mass-market varieties and ones crafted with nourishing organic ingredients, however.

Like so many products proliferating throughout the beauty industry, not all of the ones you will find in stores are formulated with ingredients that you are going to want on your skin. Below we are highlighting some of our favorite organic and clean face masks that are not only safe for your skin, they are also better for the environment as well.

5 Effective Non Toxic Face Masks For Glowing Skin

With any kind of beauty product, you want to be aware of the ingredients being used. When it comes to face masks, which are designed to sit on the skin for much longer periods of time than other kinds of products, this is especially the case.

The purpose of most face masks is to provide a deeper level of cleansing and exfoliation, and this is partially achieved by the length of time that the product is allowed to sit on the skin and interact with your pores. Unlike a cleanser which is almost immediately washed away once it is applied to the surface of your skin, face masks tackle skin health from a completely different angle. Some face masks require upwards of 15 minutes to be truly effective, so if you want to achieve the desired result, you will want to be using a carefully formulated product that utilizes the best all-natural ingredients and scientifically-backed technologies.

Thankfully, the green beauty movement has given us a treasure trove of non toxic face masks to choose from, as this popular skincare item can be adapted to suit a variety of needs. Certain masks specialize in exfoliation while others work to clarify the skin. Still others are primarily concerned with reducing the appearance of acne or scarring, and some are only meant to soothe and wipe away dirt.

Masks can be easily incorporated into a skincare routine because they can be applied and then utilized while performing other activities. You can start the day with a dirt-removing exfoliating mask or end the day with one that tones and soothes. As more brands recognize the demand for holistic beauty products that offer a multitude of benefits without the use of harmful synthetics, we’re seeing an increase in well-formulated face masks that are primarily made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and fully biodegradable too.  

Pumpkin Pie Enzyme Mask With Glycolic Acid

A treat for the skin, pumpkin is recognized as a superfood and is loaded with a variety of skin-enhancing nutrients. This includes beneficial antioxidants which are known to help fight against aging. This formula also includes Vitamin C, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular and tested ingredients when it comes to improving the appearance of skin.

Formulated by luxury skincare brand Bella Vida, this product contains nothing but high-quality ingredients and adheres to wholly ethical and sustainable production standards.

Pineapple Paradiso Glow Mask

Another nutrient-rich entry from Bella Vida, this non toxic face mask offers a different array of skincare benefits, including superior skin hydration, exfoliation, and acne-fighting ability. The plant enzymes featured in this vegan face mask can help keep your skin radiant and youthful.

Ready Selfie Go Mask

A plant-based face mask sure that’s designed to be a skincare staple in anyone’s routine, this product by 27 Rosiers can help renew tired skin and increase skin softness as well. It’s meant as a skin-regenerating formula that is perfect for anyone who feels stressed and worn out.

27 Rosiers is a French brand dedicated to non-toxic skin care products that truly support healthy-looking skin. This revitalizing mask is only one example of the quality products that they offer which are making their mark on the beauty industry.

Purifying Mud Mask

Mud masks are great for skin care due to the various exfoliating and soothing benefits of using natural clays. However, with additional high-quality ingredients formulated in the right way, a mud mask can provide you with a powerful foundation for an effective and sustainable skin care routine.

This entry from D’Isolana is the prime example of a luxury-quality mud mask that has everything you need to fight inflammation and keep your skin looking healthy and smooth. This mask specifically helps with circulation and clogged pores, backed by the skincare powers of Fuller’s earth, which is a variant of kaolin clay.

Clarify SuperGreens & Lavender Green Clay Mask

Klei is a sustainable skincare brand that is known for its luxury-quality product line that focuses on renewing and nourishing skin with natural botanicals. This pore-clearing mask, for instance, contains a balancing blend of French Green Clay, Spinach, Alfalfa, Lavender, and Aloe Vera, that works to clarify and calm the skin. The Clarify mask is an extraordinary tool that absorbs excess oil, calms irritated skin, removes impurities, and soothes dry skin.

What all of these non toxic face masks have in common is that they are crafted using ingredients that not only promote skin rejuvenation and health, but that are also in line with a sustainable skincare industry as a whole. If you are looking for reliable skincare products by brands that are invested in offering an eco-conscious alternative, these featured masks are ideal examples. You can also view our full selection of face masks here if you are looking for something specific for your skin type or individual needs.

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