4 Sustainable Alternatives to Victoria's Secret

As women, it’s all about the comfort under our clothing. A comfortable lingerie set can go a long way, and you should feel confident and empowered in your own skin. While it is essential to find comfortable and suitable lingerie, we should also think about how to shop consciously for sustainable lingerie from ethical brands that strive to push the clothing and fashion industry into one that puts Earth and our community in first place. 

Victoria’s Secret is a well known lingerie brand for its place within the fast fashion industry, and their fast production and restock process is leaving behind great consequences for our planet. 

At ourCommonplace, we have carefully researched and selected some sustainable alternatives to Victoria’s Secret from promising lingerie brands that put both sustainability and comfort into one, so you can uphold your ethical values while still feeling sexy and empowered. 

1. Aurore Lingerie

Sustainable lingerie that celebrates women and fits into every mood: elegance, romance and minimalism. 

Aurore Lingerie is a London based lingerie brand that strives to combine luxurious, sophisticated lingerie with sustainability. Every piece of lingerie is handmade by female-run ateliers. Aurore only uses already available materials, including using excess stock from European and Japanese markets. Aurore prides themselves on using sustainable materials, mindfully choosing markets that are ethical; avoiding markets that are known to be abusive of child labor, and worker’s rights. 

Aurore Lingerie also has a bra recycling program in which gently used lingerie are donated to various charities that support female victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, in addition to donating to charities that support young women that cannot afford basic clothing such as bras. 

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ourCommonplace Values: Ethical, Sustainable, Cruelty-Free, Toxic-Free, Woman-Owned

Featured products: Iconic High Rise Thong, Iconic Classic Bra, Peonia High Rise Thong

2. Knickey

Feel-good organic cotton undies for everyday use.

Knickey is a NY based underwear brand, committed to only using organic cotton. Organic cotton is better for the environment, encouraging less water waste and does not use harmful chemicals. Knickey is also committed to creating jobs for locals and practicing fair labor standards. All Knickey underwear are Oeko-Tex certified. This certification ensures that Azo colourants, nickel, lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol and other toxins are not used during production. 

As a sustainable alternative to Victoria’s Secret, Knickey packaging is made of recycled materials and has teamed up with a local NYC non-profit to keep your worn undies out of landfills. They recycle textiles sourced from this program and turn them into insulation, rags and mattress protection. 

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ourCommonplace Values: Ethical, Sustainable, Toxic-Free, Woman-Owned

Featured products: High-Rise Brief, Low-Rise Bikini, Low-Rise Thong

3. This Is A Love Song

Sustainable and comfortable loungewear to lingerie. 

This Is A Love Song is a woman-owned brand that originated from Bali, Indonesia. Their products are made of eco-friendly fabrics such as Ecovero, Tencel, Carvico and Repreve. They make all loungewear clothing, and includes lingerie. All TIALS products are ethically-made from carefully sourced materials, to keep your body and the planet happy. TIALS is a brand that gives back 1% of earnings to the planet, to support nonprofits such as 1 Million Women and Bye Bye Plastic Bags. This is the perfect all-around sustainable alternative to Victoria’s Secret where you can find the best comfort when you need it most. 

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ourCommonplace Values: Ethical, Sustainable, Woman-Owned

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4. 1 People

Luxurious classics for Conscious-Minded Women

1 People is a sustainable, woman-owned Danish brand. Their underwear and bras are made from Tencel, a sustainable fabric, and colored with natural dyes, to ensure products are toxic-free and eco-friendly. Designed with day to day activities in mind, 1 People’s products are made to be worn ensuring maximum comfort without compromising timeless design. 

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ourCommonplace Values: Sustainable, Cruelty-Free, Toxic-Free, Woman-Owned

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