Truvai is a Canadian based, woman-owned company with a focus on ethical slow fashion. Their bags are globally inspired, timeless pieces that go further than fashion and give back to the people, culture and places where they are made. Truvai bags are made slowly and thoughtfully in small batches. Truvai ensures above average wages are paid to the artisans they work with. Behind each bag is one single family of leather artisans based in Hoi An, who continue to practice a handcraft that has been passed down generationally. Each Truvai piece makes a difference – a portion of each purchase goes directly to Luc Hoa buddhist orphanage, located in Dalat. The name Truvai originates from the French word "trouvaille," meaning a lucky find; a chance encounter with something wonderful. This word perfectly encapsulates Truvai and the inspiration they hope each piece brings to the wearer – instilling a spirit of adventure + inspired wonderful chance encounters whether near or far.