SASIPIM is an artisan handmade accessories brand based in Texas. They are initiating a slow fashion movement and not following the norm of the fashion calendar. Some pieces are reasonless, it can be used year-round. They are doing that by periodically produce merchandise; this limits waste and not overstocked inventory. They recognized the preservation of cultural heritage such as hand weaving, and block-print making.  Their products support artisans from many countries such as Colombia, The Philippines, and India. For instance, their handwoven iraca palm bags are from the Associación de Tejedoras Juanita in Sandoná, Nariño — Colombia. The female artisan cooperative supports 230 single mothers, providing them sustainable resources and sometimes their only income.  They realized the importance of preserving regional cultural heritage. The shell jewelry was hand-carved by the expert artisans of the Philippines islands. The block-printed masks were made by the floral artist of Jaipur, the famous Pink City in India. SASIPIM design aesthetic is to bridge the cliché of handcrafted goods to appeal to modern women with their unique styles.