Paneros Clothing launched in 2019 in Los Angeles and continues to be a family run business. After working in the wholesale fashion industry for 10 years producing a new collection every month, their founder Lauren knows how wasteful, polluting, and unsustainable the fashion industry can be. So she set out to create a better alternative: producing beautiful slow fashion clothing designed to be worn not just for one season, but year after year, so that you can look great while making a positive impact in the world. Their five-part circularity ethos focuses on: Smarter Materials, Ethical Manufacturing, Quality over Quantity, Reducing Pollution, and Limiting Waste. Their limited edition women's ready to wear collection is designed in Los Angeles and hand made by artisans in Indonesia. Each piece is responsibly created from existing materials using smarter fibers, minimizing waste and pollution. They love to create beautiful styles for you from materials that would otherwise be burned or end up in a landfill.