5 Nontoxic Bath & Body Secrets for a Head to Toe Glow

Summer is upon us for so many of us, this means overlooking an important part of skincare - bodycare. Our bodies make up 90% of our skin’s real estate and nearly 60% of what we put on it is absorbed into the skin, so it’s important to take body care just as seriously as we do the skin on our faces. These 5 simple steps will help you achieve the smooth, soft and silky skin you’ve dreamed of. 

1. Carve out the time

Esker Plantable Candle

Set aside 30-40 minutes to indulge yourself in a moment of peace and self-care. Now more than ever, as we’ve been spending more time at home, it's important to set routines. Create a new habit that will bring good vibes. Get into a relaxed state of mind by playing calming music and lighting a candle. Esker’s Plantable Candle has a natural blend of Palo Santo, Rock Rose and Cedar notes. Ideal for burning tub side or in your bathroom sanctuary the aroma draws from nature with Japanese bathing inspired woodsy base notes of cedar mixed with musky palo santo and sweet herbal rock rose.

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2. Cleanse your body & hands

The first step to achieving perfect skin starts with your hands by washing them. Take 20 or more seconds scrubbing your hands with Esker’s Calendula Hand Cleanser. 

Esker Calendula Hand Cleanser

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This Esker Calendula Hand Cleanser harnesses the power of plant based ingredients that cleanse naturally without irritants or synthetics. Our hands are sensitive to dryness and irritation, often can be the first place to show premature aging and sun damage, and are constantly in contact with the delicate skin on our face. This ethical cleanser is formulated with clove, palo santo, litsea and helichrysum essential oils, all of which are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. These botanical extracts are permeated by a bath of calendula petals that continuously diffuse the plant’s soothing and healing properties into the formula.

Incorporate the following products into your bathing routine, while targeting your specific skin concerns. These nontoxic bath products use the properties of organic essential oils to naturally cleanse and nourish your skin.

Esker Body Wash

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If you have blemish-prone skin, then use Esker’s Clarifying Body Wash.This gentle and hydrating body wash utilizes the healing properties of organic aloe leaf juice, rosehip oil, jojoba, organic lavender water, and chamomile water to deeply cleanse and clarify problem skin. Sunflower seed oil and Vitamins B and E nourish without clogging pores, and rose geranium oil tones the skin resulting in a vibrant and smooth complexion. 

If you have dry and sensitive skin, then use Esker’s Restorative Body Wash. This ethical cleanser is an elevated, plant-based moisturizing body wash to be used daily. Organic aloe leaf juice clarifies while rosehip oil, jojoba, lavender water and chamomile water nourish and calm dry and irritated skin. Gentle and hydrating, this soft-lathering wash is formulated with a restorative blend of essential oils that clean and nourish in equal parts, making it the necessary first step in any mindful bathing routine.

If you are looking to tone any imperfections on your skin, then use Esker’s Firming Body Wash. Esker’s Firming Body Wash is a gentle, plant-based ethical cleanser made with organic aloe leaf juice, rosehip oil, jojoba, lavender water, and chamomile water to deliver deep hydration while toning tired skin. This nontoxic body wash is expertly formulated to target cellulite and provide a brighter, firmer appearance from head to toe. It'll give you the summer-ready skin you're looking for!

3. Dry brush!

 Esker Dry Brush

By now, it’s inevitable that you haven't heard about dry brushing. In case you haven’t: dry-brushing is the practice of rubbing a coarse brush over dry skin to exfoliate. Some other benefits of dry brushing include improved circulation, cellulite reduction, stress relief and of course, smoother skin. 

Dry brushing is generally done prior to taking a shower, and is followed by moisturizing the skin with oil. After cleansing your skin with your specially targeted Esker body wash, you’ll want to grab the Esker Dry Brush. Gently brush your skin in a circular motion, starting at your arms and legs and working inward. Five minutes is enough time to see the benefits of this calming wellness practice. 

The Esker Dry Brush is made of grass tree wood, all natural bristles, and finely wound hemp twine at the handle. Dry brushing is an ancient technique that improves circulation throughout the body and exfoliates the top layer of skin for a brighter, firmer surface all over. The head of bristles on our dry brush are soft to the touch and move easily across the body without any harshness. Esker’s dry brush can be used across the entire body including arms, legs, and torso.

Esker Dry Brush

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4. Moisturize

 Esker Body Oil

After exfoliating, it is essential to moisturize. There’s no better way to do that than with the use of essential oils. Esker’s body oils absorb easily without leaving a greasy residue–feel good by using feel-good ingredients. After showering, apply your targeted oil to address your skin concerns. This nontoxic body product is definitely the next addition to your body care routine.

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If you have blemish-prone skin, then the Clarifying Oil is for you. Esker’s Clarifying Oil repairs and restores skin that’s suffered from daily wear and tear and environmental stressors. Composed of a blend of squalane, avocado and evening primrose with Cypress as the foundation ingredient, Clarifying Oil is essential for those who are vulnerable to skin discoloration, dullness, and varicose veins. Cypress also reduces the appearance of old and new blemishes and creates a more balanced and glowing complexion overall.

If you have dry/sensitive skin, then the Restorative Oil is for you. Esker’s award-winning Restorative Oil is a multifunctional and transformative oil created specifically to balance and moisturize the skin all over the body. Pure carrot seed acts as the foundational ingredient and nourishes skin while reducing the appearance of aging through its antioxidant-rich properties. Squalene, evening primrose, and jojoba oil nurture and promote a smoother and more vibrant complexion.

If you are looking to tone any imperfections on your skin, the Firming Oil is specially formulated to help reduce the look of cellulite and strengthen the vitality of skin for a firmer, tauter appearance. Anchored by the hydrating properties of juniper berry, macadamia nut oil, rosehip seed, and baobab oil, Esker’s Firming Oil boasts a rich, quick-absorbing base that makes skin feel soft and supple. Firming Oil can be used all over the body but should be focused toward areas that could benefit from a lifting boost.  

5. Use Esker’s Body Tools 

 Esker Allover Roller

Body tools help the skin absorb products and add an element of elevation to this self-care ritual.These Esker tools pair perfectly with after the use of Esker’s oils and body washes to help achieve the softest summer skin. 

To ensure your skin is absorbing all the moisture it can get from the oils, use the Esker Allover Roller. Esker’s Allover Roller is the first-of-its-kind roller for the entire body, promotes circulation, providing a brightening and toning effect and is designed specifically for use all over the body. The roller itself is textured to increase stimulation, breaks up fascia which causes tension and puffiness throughout the body, and helps to absorb and boost the effects of any treatment oil or product applied to the body. This simple yet enjoyable ritual instantly soothes and over time reveals skin that is toned, firm, and glowing. 

Esker Allover Roller
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How to Use: Immediately after cleansing skin in the bath or shower apply lightweight body oil from head to toe. Using light to medium pressure, roll in short strokes all over including neck, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, torso and bottoms of feet. Make sure to roll the direction of natural lymph flow, towards the trunk and heart.

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