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Silk Hair Scarf


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Meet your new favorite hair accessory! The silk hair scarf flawlessly transforms bad hair days into beautiful ones. Wrap your hair at night to protect against frizz and breakage, or wear it during the day to hold hair away from the face! Have some fun and style this scarf in different ways, around a ponytail or bun.

The scarf features small D-ring golden hardware secured by a tight hitch knot. Use the D-ring to easily tighten the scarf around your head and follow the instructions in the photograph to completely wrap your hair. The hitch knot is not easy to loosen and gets tighter as you use the scarf, but if desired you may pry the knot loose and remove the rings to use the scarf in a different way!

Easy to hand wash in the sink and hang out to dry. We recommend using a steam iron on low to restore the slight shine and softness of the fabric after washing.

The Details:

  • Lightweight Silk Crepe
  • Cobalt Blue Color
  • One Size
  • D-Ring hardware for ease of tightening and functionality
  • 100% Silk, Made in USA, Hand Wash

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