Carnelian Wrap

Woman owned
Toxic Free
Cruelty Free

This scarf is two-toned, meaning one side of the scarf is slightly more yellow/orange and brushed and the other side is more red (see close up of fabric for reference)

The edges are finished with a trim called grosgrain that is made from wood pulp, a naturally occurring cellulose-based raw material

Dyed with non-toxic dye

Made in Los Angeles, CA

Care Instruction 

  • 100% Virgin Wool
  • hand wash cold / dry clean okay / do not bleach / do not tumble dry / iron low temp / do not wring out

* you will find that you will almost never need to wash (read MATERIALS section above to see why)

Size Guide

One size fits all

Each scarf is approximately 106" long and 18" wide


The CARNELIAN WRAP is meant to be a warm and vibrant companion guiding you towards embracing both fear and courage.


Material - Recycled Cotton

After a thorough investigation on the sustainability and ethical implications of working with wool, both virgin and recycled, we are so very proud to introduce virgin wool.

Virgin wool is stronger, higher quality, softer, and lasts longer in your wardrobe than recycled wool. It is naturally compostable and biodegradable, and it has properties of being both breathable and insulating. It is a natural, hollow fiber that releases any moisture and body odor quickly once it dries. Virgin wool requires less washing and drying. The production of wool has a very low environmental impact, compared to the production of recycled wool, which has a very high usage of water and energy.

We also learned that wool is actually “climate beneficial” and engages in “net negative emissions.”

It is important to note that sheep are not killed for their wool and that our wool was sourced ethically. Sheep do not usually resist the shearing process unless they are frightened by any sudden movements. They are shorn without any existence of harm or trauma. It is also important to note that the sheep were not mulesed.

The wool we use is ethically sourced from Europe. The wool is dyed with pertaining procedures respecting the environment by minimizing pollution and safeguarding water resources. The dyes are non-toxic, reducing the risk of allergies and diseases. Throughout the entire supply chain, there is social equity and respect for the fundamental rights of the workers as well as recognition of fair wages and environmental conditions. 

Taiyo is a philosophy-first, sustainable womenswear brand that drops one look at a time. Their mission is to align your aesthetic expression with your values. They use headstock fabric, recycled material, and responsibly sourced wool and make each timeless piece with longevity in mind.  


Please note that all orders ships directly from our partners to you and each partner has policies unique to its boutique.

For Taiyo - all shipping is free! Orders will be processed within 3 business days of order placement, and will arrive at your doorstep within 3-7 days once shipped.

After you've placed your order, you'll receive an order confirmation in your inbox. Once your order has been shipped, you'll receive an additional email with an updated tracking number. 


For Taiyo - we believe that all items purchased should be loved and have a purpose in your life. If you don't 100% love the item, let us know, and we'll gladly accept the items within 30 days of purchase for a flat $6 fee. Please refer to this page for instructions on returns. 

SMALL Waist: 24”- 26” / Hip: 34”- 36”

MEDIUM Waist 27”- 29” / Hip 36.5”- 38”

LARGE Waist 30”- 34” / Hip 38.5”- 44” 

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