This is our size guide, a reference to help you choose the right size.

You have to bear in mind that the measurements in the table are reference measurements but you can also choose another size than the recommended one, depending on how you prefer the piece to remain. Increase or reduce the recommended size based on your measurements to achieve the desired look.

How to measure yourself?

To use our size chart you must obtain the measurements of your body and then locate them to the size chart. Use a soft tape measure to surround your body at the three main points; chest, waist and hip.

Measure the chest with a bra that you usually wear.


The waist is approximately the height of your navel, the narrowest part of your natural waist.


When you measure the hip do it at the widest part.

 To measure yourself it is important to do it with underwear to achieve more realistic measurements.

If you have doubts between one size or another according to your measurements, it is important that you keep the most relevant measurements. For example, the measurement of the hip is the most important factor in choosing the size of a pair of pants.

How do we measure our clothes?

In the descriptions of our garments you will find the measurement of the different parts. THESE MEASUREMENTS REFER TO THE PIECE ITSELF AND WILL BE DIFFERENT TO THE MEASUREMENTS OF YOUR BODY (the measurements of the pieces will be larger than the measurements of your body and the elastic bands probably smaller).


All the measures of the pieces we take them in plane, therefore you will have to duplicate them when it is necessary. For example if the measurement of the opening of the sleeve in plane is 12, the total control of opening of the sleeve will be 24.

The measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to the nature of the handmade clothing.

The best way that the measurements of the pieces will be useful will be comparing them with items that you already have and you like. When you measure any piece make sure you have it as flat as possible but without stretching it.