Custom Size Measuring Guide - Bastet Noir

It is our belief that the old standardized metric system serves no one, because each and every body is different. As we're here to defy every rule imposed by the fast fashion industry, every item we make is made-to-order, according to our client's measurements. To make it easier for you and make sure you take the right measurements, we decided to introduce a step-by-step guide to help you get those measurements right. 

However, if you're one of the few lucky ones who can wear a standard size, you can still order our pieces in standard sizes. Click here to check the standard size-guide we're using. If you don't belong to this bunch of lucky bastards, read bellow as we show you how to take your own measurements so we can make you an item that fits perfectly. Grab a measuring tape and follow the simple guidelines we've laid out for you.

Bust Measurement - Bastet Noir Custom Made
Waist Measurements - Bastet Noir Custom Made
Hips Measurements - Bastet Noir Custom-Made
Arm Circumference Measurement - Custom-Made Bastet Noir
Length Measurement - Bastet Noir Custom-Made
Total Rise Measurement - Bastet Noir Custom-Made
Measuring guide Bastet Noir