Tiller is a sustainable apparel brand creating swimwear made from innovative sustainable materials and soon to be expanding into other natural/organic apparel and accessories. Our first two collections were created in an ethical, women-owned production facility in Bali using repurposed threads recycled from waste such as abandoned fishing nets, commercial carpeting and post-consumer goods. Our manufacturer upholds ethical labor standards and provides career and personal development to employees of all levels to ensure growth and education for all. We have now moved swimwear development and production to our home of Los Angeles and will be utilizing fabrics that break down when disposed of in a landfill. We hope to provide products that are unique yet timeless, comfortable yet durable and functional yet flattering. For each piece purchase, we partner with Ecologi to plant a tree to begin the process of offsetting emissions. In the future we will continue expanding our product line and creating high quality, long-lasting products with both people and planet in mind.