Roller & Gua Sha Duo


The ultimate soothing and de-puffing experience for the face. Our roller and gua sha are excellent tools for facial massage and lymphatic drainage, which takes toxins (air pollution, etc.) and allows them to move through the lymphatic system to then be cleared by the liver and kidneys.

Facial rollers and gua sha tools are becoming extremely popular as products to help prevent puffiness and inflammation in the face and body. These tools are beautiful and cooling, making them lovely sensory items to help soothe the skin and body.

Select the stone that has a meaning that resonates most with you.

Rose quartz is often known as a stone representing love, healing and calming feelings.
Jade is naturally cooling, and often known as a stone representing balance and purity.

​Rose quartz, brushed rose gold metal / jade stone, brushed gold metal

Massage the face in an upward motion from jawline to forehead with the large side of the roller. Follow by massaging from the nose area outward. Use the small side of the roller under the eye, massaging lightly from the inner corner to outer corner of the eye.

The gua sha can be used similarly, and can be used to massage the neck and body as well. Please note that this should be used with gentle pressure in an upward motion. Be sure to hydrate when using these tools.

Wipe down gently with a dampened towel or cloth.

Good To Know
Our rollers and gua sha tools feel wonderful when kept in the refrigerator. The cooling feeling aids in de-puffing the face and reducing inflammation.

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