Velé: You are Worthy. You are Wanted.

Vele Black Crossbody Clutch. You Are Worthy. You Are Wanted.

Velé is a Los Angeles based travel accessories brand with a global mission to redefine industry practices to empower, rather than exploit, through an impact model of conscious production and nonprofit partnership.


People Over Profit

They're combatting fast fashion by offering the luxury of artisan quality essentials at accessible prices. They also partner with artisans who treat their craft as art and are paid a living wage that reflects their artistry.


Change the Status Quo

Women are treated as less than worthy by an industry intended to empower.

With Velé's Muses, they explore how we can better embrace our self-worth and speak to the worth of others - from within their community to within our industry's supply chain.


10% of Each Purchase is Donated

They partner with Not For Sale to invest in the future of those most vulnerable to human trafficking through the growth of social enterprises.



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